Firearms Training

Customized Training for Civilians and Professionals

Iron Sights Training Centre has access to some of the most highly trained military and law enforcement specialists available and can deliver specific training to suit the requirement of your department or organization. 

Our 2,500sqft simulation hanger allows for:

  • Basic through Advanced Carbine/Pistol/Shotgun training
  • Use of Force scenarios featuring live actor recordings
  • Active Shooter/Assailant Response Training
  • Non-Lethal engagements
  • Team, pair or individual drills
  • Course of fire applications
  • Individual or group coaching
  • New Employee training
  • Training and advising for Movie and TV productions
  • Vehicle drills and integration when conducting simulation training
  • Custom Simulation Scenario design and production
  • Tactical training, advising and provision of firearms, personnel and equipment for movie and TV productions